Custom software development

2G-Software develops software products from the ground up as well as takes up development at any software lifecycle stage.

Requirements gathering

We assign business analysts with the required domain knowledge to elicit, analyze, validate, and document all functional and nonfunctional requirements, data flows and UI components, product vision, and project scope.

Project planning

We deliver specifications, wireframes, and prototypes to get early feedback and test the solutions in progress. Our architects analyze possible product use cases and deployment scenarios to spot technically infeasible or expensive features and propose the best-suited technology stack.

Product design

Our UXD team builds navigation and usage routes for users through conceptual modeling and interaction scenario design. We test early concepts and gather feedback on user paths to optimize engagement and improve performance.

Custom app development

2G-Software develops custom web, desktop, and mobile solutions, both native and platform-agnostic.taking scalability, robustness, and customizability into account. Our services include application migration, testing, integration, and deployment, all with scalability and robustness as priorities.

Maintenance and support

We offer 3 levels of support for applications developed by 2G-Software or by any third-party vendor. 2G-Software solves challenges of any complexity: application upgrades and functional improvements, performance monitoring and security audit.OS and server migration, workarounds and hotfixes.


You are looking for a solution, an editor, in Saas or on premise, entrust us with your needs.

Our teams closest to IT spheres across the Atlantic will offer you solutions still unknown allowing you to disrupt your profession and generate more margin.
Moreover, you only pay for what you use.